Full-Service AED Program Management

EMC’s full-service AED program management option is the most comprehensive method for ensuring compliance with AED laws in your state and local municipality. Not only do we help you with recordkeeping of your AED units, we also assist you with reordering necessary supplies, scheduling CPR classes, and performing AED inspections.

Whether you have one AED or one thousand, this is the AED management solution you’ve been seeking. With our full-service AED program management option, we take responsibility for the following tasks:  

  • AED equipment placement and management
  • Replacement of AED pads and batteries at expiration date by EMC’s AED technicians (parts are included in the service agreement)
  • Replacement of AED pads and CPR/AED Rescue Kit after unit usage (parts are included in service agreement)
  • On-Site monthly readiness checks with EMC’s AED technicians

We visit your site every month to perform the required inspection, address any technical issues with the AED, and maintain the pads and batteries. We then log the inspections into our online system.

Following the use of an AED after a sudden cardiac arrest event, we assist you with getting the AED sent out for data download and medical reporting, which is a legal requirement in many states. We are non-conspicuous during our monthly visits and will be in and out to perform necessary tasks without disrupting your normal activities.

At EMC, we take a comprehensive approach to the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of your AED. Our full-service AED management program ensures 100% compliance with all laws and regulations, freeing you up from that responsibility.

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Why EMC CPR & Safety Training

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    Customized Selection of Services

    Whether corporation, healthcare facility, or school, we will customize our courses to the needs of your workplace. Each package is tailored to meet your specific needs.

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